Neverwinter Gets Elemental In Latest Expansion

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil expansion released

Elemental Evil, the latest expansion for Cryptic Studio’s free-to-play MMO Neverwinter, has been released on PC. It’s free to download and play now.

The expansion will launch later this year for the Xbox One version of the game, which launched last month.

Elemental Evil is described as the “biggest expansion launch for Neverwinter to date.” The developer says it has revamped nearly all of the in-game systems, while elsewhere they have increased the level cap – from 60 to 70 – and introduced the new Oathbound Paladin class, bringing the total number of playable classes to eight.

The headline feature for Elemental Evil is the return of fan-favorite Baldur’s Gate characters Minsc and his giant miniature space hamster Boo. The new storyline sees the pair arriving in the city of Neverwinter on the search for four elemental cults which have sprung up, determined to sow chaos.

“Our team is thrilled to revisit one of the most iconic stories of Dungeons & Dragons with Neverwinter: Elemental Evil,” said Rob Overmeyer, executive producer of Neverwinter, in a press release. “Aspiring to deliver our biggest expansion to-date, our team at Cryptic focused on introducing long-requested gameplay features as well as building more Dungeons & Dragons lore into our game. Introducing a new class, the level cap increase and Minsc & Boo into one expansion was quite a task, but an exciting one in order to continue to build a quality Dungeons & Dragons digital experience.”

Check out the trailer and some screens below.

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