Rift Announces the next Expansion – Nightmare Tide


Earlier this week, Bill Fisher – executive producer of Trion World – announced the new expansion for the free-to-play MMORift.

Titled Nightmare Tide, the latest expansion is due to be released sometime this fall. Fisher assured the community via an open letter on the official website that the expansion will be completely free, reaffirming the studio’s commitment to a model which has seen the game go from strength to strength since they ditched mandatory subscription fee in June of last year.

Rift: Nightmare Tide will be the first major expansion since 2012’s release of Rift: Storm Legion. In Nightmare Tide, dreams and nightmares in the Plane of Water will begin to manifest and threaten all the elements of the other planes. Players will travel to the Plane of Water to try to bring an end to the threat by taking on new Planar Dungeons, raids, massive Rifts and Slivers. The first new dungeon in the expansion is The Nightmare Coast, with its own quest chain that will help lead into Nightmare Tide.

New features include what looks like several  new open-world zones and storyline quests, as well as a level cap increase to 65 (up from 60). Rift: Nightmare Tidewill have many new and improved additions for fans. With the higher level cap also comes a new Mastery system, which will allow players to expand on their choices by adding new synergies and deeper levels of customization to their characters.

Trion will also be introducing a new Rift type – Nightmare – that twists the land around them to match the horrors within. These new Rifts will feature a new scaling difficulty, with extensive waves of twisted enemies pouring out from the Nightmare Plane.

But what seems to be even cooler is the introduction to the new, account-wide collectible called Minions. These Minions will give players the ability to send out pets on missions to gather resources, collect currencies, find items, and level up. Think of it as Torchlight‘s pet system, only applied to an MMO and with even greater utility.

We’ll be checking out Rift in more detail soon, but in the meantime, check out some of the latest concept art and screenshots from the expansion below.


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