Kholat release delayed until June

Kholat release delayed until June

IMGN.PRO has announced that the release of Kholat, previously set to launch next month, has been postponed until June 10th.

“Our decision to postpone the release date of Kholat was mostly motivated by our respect for the players, therefore we agreed to avoid the risk of releasing an unpolished game,” IMGN.PRO said in a press release issued over the weekend. “As a totally independent studio we’re able to make it, without an external publisher pressure. Our one and only commitment is for the players.”

“Currently Kholat is in almost finished state and the additional time will be spent on the game testing, optimizing and debugging,” the developer finished.

Kholat is a first-person perspective, storytelling indie title that takes place after the real-world Dyatlov Pass Incident. If you’re like me and you don’t keep up with Russian history, the Dyatlov Pass Incident was an event that resulted in the death of nine skiers. When authorities found the site, they discovered that the tents had been slashed open from the inside, and that some of the bodies had mysterious injuries like cracked skulls or broken ribs, despite no signs of a struggle. The final ruling was that an “unknown compelling force” caused the skiers to flee from their tents and, ultimately, to their death. Kholat follows the rescue expedition that is sent to find and retrieve the skiers.

Is it more frustrating to pay for a game in early access, which doesn’t include all its features and isn’t really complete? Or to sit on your hands while you wait for a game to be 100% polished before you can purchase it? Early access might never be finished, but at least it leaves you with something. Release dates getting pushed back can often be pushed back again and again (although this new date is called “definitive” and not subject to further change), but at least you’ve got something that works at the end of the road. Either way, Kholat has only been pushed back a few months; at least it didn’t get pushed back into the next fiscal quarter.

And as Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto once said: “a delayed game can eventually be good. A bad game is bad forever.”

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