Nintendo plans to “utilize smart devices aggressively” after DeNA partnership

During a recent press conference, chief executive Satoru Iwata revealed that Nintendo is currently working on a “dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept,” code-named Nintendo NX. But you already know about that, because Dale wrote an article about it yesterday.

However, Nintendo also mentioned during this press conference that it plans to begin developing new intellectual properties specifically for the mobile platform. During the conference, Iwata said “My goal here is, now that we are challenging ourselves with this endeavor by making use of Nintendo IP, to produce multiple hit titles at an early stage after we start releasing our software on smart devices.”

Iwata also made it very clear that Nintendo has no plans to release their current IPs on the mobile platform. He does not believe that porting a game directly to mobile will “bring the same level of satisfaction,” for reasons ranging from disparate price ranges to differing control schemes. However, Nintendo has also stated that it has no intention of restricting any IP from mobile development. That means that although we won’t get an iOS version of Link to the Past, we might see more frequent expansions to the Nintendo universe.

With their current plans to establish a new system that will link all your devices together, maybe on top of these new IPs we’ll see apps that augment your gameplay. We’ve already go amiibos to save and evolve your Smash Bros. fighters or unlock special boards in Mario Party 10. How about an app that lets me make progress while I’m not at home? Something simple that lets me customize my Animal Crossing town, or maybe a minigame to level up my Wonderful 101 characters? I guess we’ll find out next year.

Hopefully this news is just the beginning of new Nintendo parternships. I’d love to see more releases like Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2 coming out alongside their more traditional Zelda or Mario titles in the future.

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