Nintendo’s NX Platform Will Use Android OS

Nintendo's NX Platform Will Use Android OS

Nintendo’s Codename NX platform will supposedly have an Android based operating system, Japanese business outlet Nekkei reports.

According to the report (which was found and translated by NeoGAF user duckroll) the claims that NX will have an Android based OS came from an insider source. This move is an attempt by Nintendo to give “developers more flexibility in making content that can also be on smartphones and tablets.”

Codename NX was revealed in March, during an announcement of Nintendo’s plans to develop official games on smartphones. The reveal of NX was to show that Nintendo didn’t seek to move away from dedicated games platforms, even though some of their focus would now be on mobile games.

Nintendo are now in partnership with Japanese mobile gaming company DeNA, meaning that official Nintendo mobile games can be developed. They’re also replacing their current membership service, Club Nintendo, with a new one that will support various platforms – PCs, smartphones, tablets, Nintendo’s hardware devices, and the NX.

Details on the NX platform are currently scarce, although Iwata, president of Nintendo, has claimed that the NX may possibly be vastly different from its past consoles. We can expect more details to be shared within the next year.

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