3D Realms shows off Bombshell – now revamped with slightly more clothing

3D Realms returns to the industry with Bombshell

3D Realms, the company behind such games as Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D, has re-revealed their latest effort – action-RPG, Bombshell.

Bombshell is set to be the first product published by 3D Realms since 2013’s Shadow Warrior, which was received fairly positively by critics and players. Shadow Warrior was an unabashedly old-school refresh of a mid-nineties FPS, featuring plenty of secret areas and run-and-gun gameplay taken straight from the 1990’s school of game design. It was a fun, if repetitive game best known for its dismemberment mechanics but let down by its preponderence with cheesy and immature toilet humor.

Bombshell, however, looks to be something quite different from the fare that 3D Realms is known for. An isometric action role-playing game, Bombshell follows the story of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a bomb technician turned mercenary-for-hire. A hot-headed individual with a fiery personality, Shelly lost her arm, her squad and her job after failing to disarm an bomb in an accident often referred to as “The Washington Incident”.

After being held responsible for said incident and being discharged, Shelly is later approached by a private military contractor, with the offer of a new arm, constructed from some of the technology found in the remnants of the accident and the promise of a second chance; a chance at redemption.

With tech-tree upgrades, various types of destructive weaponry and a diverse range of combat abilities, Bombshell is claiming to utilize fast-paced shooting and role-playing mechanics, and a story to offer players an experience the genre has “never seen before” according to 3D Realms, as players attempt to stop the Kyrr – an “evil alien race lead by diabolical scientist-turned-­madman Jadus Heskel.”

Bombshell was originally announced last year and immediately sparked controversy due to the half-dressed nature of its lead character – her outfit consisted of little more than hot pants and a metal bikini. In the latest version of the game, it appears that 3D Realms has taken those criticisms onboard, as Harrison is now more fully-clothed and noticeably less sexualized than her original incarnation.

There’s no specific release date for Bombshell, but it is due sometime this year for both PC and PlayStation 4 – no word on a possible Xbox One version just yet.

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