Bioware’s Shadow Realms reported to have been rebooted

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Shadow Realms, Bioware Austin’s in-development 4 v 1 online RPG, is to be rebooted.

That’s according to Kotaku, who says that it’s spoken with several different sources, all of whom have corroborated each others’ story.

Previously, the game was due to be a PC exclusive and was originally planned to launch as an episodic game later this year. Reportedly, it’s expected to be a free to play title, though Bioware never confirmed or denied those rumors.

According to Kotaku’s sources that plan has since changed, since the developer was given extra financial backing from EA in exchange for making use of the publisher’s Origin store. No mention was made of whether or not the game is still intended to be a free-to-play title, though the agreement to use Origin certainly points towards it staying as a free title supported by microtransactions.

In addition, the game is now reported to be launching on Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC, with a new launch date of 2017 – and will no longer be an episodic release, but a full-length game from the point of launch.

Shadow Realms was first announced last year by EA during Gamescom, following a lengthy teaser campaign. It’s an action-RPG, though at the time of its announcement Bioware said that it will still feature the kind of story-heavy gameplay the studio is known for. In Shadow Realms, teams of 4 players group up and battle through environments against another player known as a Demonic Lord, who is able to lay down traps and minions in each area before entering the battle themselves. Bioware had claimed that the game features a branching narrative and plenty of replayability. It’s unknown what, if any, changes have been made to the concept as a result of this reboot exercise.

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