Ubisoft’s The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot out of beta

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After just under a year in open beta, the Ubisoft published Mighty Quest for Epic Loot free-to-play dungeon crawler-slash-base builder has managed to crawl its way out of beta. Granted that the premise of maintaining your own base while challenging your opponent’s is a relatively novel concept, being just under a year in beta is a relatively quick turnover.

Ubisoft Montreal executive producer Quentin Gallet seemed happy with the game making it out of beta phase, saying “For us the Beta phases of the game served as a way to continue iterating and forging the direction of the game. Now that the core gameplay and tone are locked in, we’re focused on continuing to collaborate with our community to build upon this direction and refine what we have created.”

Along with the transition from beta comes a limited edition “Infinity Pack,” offering the 4 heroes currently available, all current and future rare creatures, 2 rare rings to that boost in-game material and xp rates, all inventory tabs, 4 pets, and mines. What this amounts it is a wide pack of material for both attacking and defending purposes, many in-game perks, wide access to content, and new heroes to play. Given that the full cost of the pack is $25, and the base game is free, it’s not a bad deal all told.

That said, such a robust pack does feel a little disheartening for the players who don’t pick it up. Free to play games are pretty easy to unbalance, and the sheer mass of content available in this pack run the risk of doing that. However, for a game as generally well-received as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, it likely won’t be an issue for most players. Players interested in getting into the ground floor of the full release can find the game from the official website, Steam, and uPlay.

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