Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack now available


Blizzard’s new MOBA (oh, sorry, “Hero Brawler”) Heroes of the Storm is currently in closed beta, and they’ve recently released the Founder’s Pack, which adds several additional heroes and mounts to use in-game, as well as full access to the closed Beta – just in case you were tired of waiting to receive a key.

Players can enjoy using Raynor (Starcraft), Diablo (Diablo), and Tyrande (Warcraft) as their Hero from the start, as well as ride off into battle on their epic Golden Cyberwolf mount. Each hero will also get an alternate skin: Commander Raynor, Lurkablo Diablo, and Blood Elf Tyrande. You’ll also get a stash of 2,500 in-game gold.

The Founder’s Pack will run you $39.99 (£29.99), and you can still sign up for the closed beta (though your chances of getting in are as good a guess as mine). Before you part with your cash though, it’s worth remembering that upon its official release, Heroes of the Storm will be free-to-play; so essentially, you’re paying for some in-game gold, cosmetic items, and access to a beta.

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