Heroes Of The Storm Now In Open Beta

Heroes of the Storm Now In Open Beta

Blizzard has taken its upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm out of closed beta and made it available to all, ahead of game’s expected launch on June 2nd.

Hurrah! No more waiting for beta keys!

To celebrate, Blizzard’s released a snazzy new trailer for you to enjoy.

Heroes of the Storm gives players the chance to play as a number of characters from Blizzard’s most popular franchises, such as Diablo and Warcraft. It’s designed to be more accessible for new players when compared to other genre heavyweights like DotA 2 and League of Legends, though with enough depth and tactical gameplay to ensure it remains a popular choice for more competitive play and eSports.

Blizzard has warned that although the game is nearing its official launch, there may still be some issues. The developer has promised to monitor the game so that it can polish out the last few kinks ahead launch day, though says that players may experience waiting times during busy periods when attempting to log in. You can download the game by heading over to the official Heroes of the Storm website and creating (or logging into) your Battle.net ID. You’ll need to download Blizzard’s client before you can play, which acts as a portal for all of Blizzard’s games, including the excellent Hearthstone.

At launch, Blizzard will be pulling out all the stops at a special launch event in London’s Old Billingsgate district. Attendees will be able to compete for prizes, there’ll be a live musical performance, and the game’s developers will take to the stage for interviews. A number of guest appearances are also planned. If you’re not able to attend, you can still join in the fun by streaming the event live – you can sign up for the event here.

 Brian Kale went hands-on with Heroes of the Storm last year, and was thoroughly impressed. Why not check out his detailed preview? You can also read a number of his introductory guides to some of the game’s playable Heroes:

Zertaul, the Dark Prelate

Murky, the Baby Murloc

Rehgar, Shaman of the Earthen Ring

Jim Raynor, the Renegade

Diablo, the Lord of Terror

Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer

Zagara, the Broodmother

Elite Tauren Chieftain

Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades

Demon Hunter Valla

Stitches, the Abomination

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