New Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Looks Startlingly Real

We all love the Unreal Engine tech demos. When we saw the Elemental tech demo, we all lamented that it wasn’t an actual game; when we saw the Infiltrator tech demo we all did exactly the same thing again. Unfortunatley, as beautiful as they were, they looked simply like games that could be: pretty, but unrealistic at the end of the day.

The latest tech demo is a fan-made one – and by fan, I mean Benoît Dereau,  level designer and 3D artist from the likes of Dishonored. He has single-handedly created a piece of astounding beauty using UE4. If I didn’t know any better (the camera is a little too game-y and you can’t see yourself in the mirror) I’d think this was almost real life footage.

We all know of the Uncanny Valley, where fake things look so close to the real they freak you out because something is just off – like The Terminator’s metallic skull, or a botox job gone horribly wrong; this new tech demo “Unreal Paris” is so impressive, it walked straight through the Valley back into the realms of the real again. The demo walks you through an elegant apartment, presumably in Paris, showing off just what you can do with UE4 if you set your mind to it. Go grab a cup of coffee and sit back before you hit play, below. It’s pretty astounding to say the very least.

For those of you that missed the official Unreal Engine 4 tech demos, or simply want to see more while you finish your coffee, I’ve embedded them for you again below.

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