Square Enix releases 1080p footage of Final Fantasy XV


Square Enix has released ten minutes worth of new footage for the latest sequel in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV.

The footage showcases the open-world environment which was first showcased to us at Tokyo Game Show back in September. We see the four currently-known playable characters – Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto – driving in a modern sports car, before getting out and running through pastures and forests, filled with fantastical creatures of all shapes and sizes and flying aircraft which look like they’ve come straight out of a science fiction movie. Oh, and don’t forget the music.

Also showcased was a tech demo which – for someone like myself who is interested in development and the process of creation – is incredibly interesting. If you’re not overly fussed about what happens behind-the-scenes of a game, you can safely give it a miss; however, if you are, the three-minute long video provides a compelling look at environment creation, visual effects and perhaps most importantly, character modelling.

There’s still no word on an actual release date for the game, although players who purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will get a code which gives them access to an exclusive demo, entitled Episode Duscae. It’s not confirmed that the demo will be available at the time of Type 0 HD’s actual release of March 17, but when it does go live, players will be able to access it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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