Grim Dawn gets another update with Homestead v2

Grim Dawn gets another update with Homestead v2

The last time we talked about Grim Dawn, developer Crate Entertainment was chronicling a long list of improvements which included the much-desired multiplayer modes.

Creating an ARPG with meaningful player choices is a tall order in this day of endlessly loot driven raids, but something developer Crate Entertainment is continually striving for. Another recent forum update outlines the 100% likelihood of another chapter, bringing players through the currently-closed gates of Homestead.

Homestead has become a bastion of heroes, where humanity has stood against their enemies, defended by Death’s Bannermen – the Black Legion. Though Homestead is well-fortified, it’s weathered a lot of beatings throughout its history, and much of the city remains in ruins and requires extensive repairs. There are seven distinct areas around Homestead which will require your attention, and only with your help will the city be restored (similar to your exploits at Devil’s Crossing).

In addition to reviving Homestead, the Black Legion is calling for all able bodied individuals to join the defense – and the latest forum post hints toward interactions with characters both new and old.

Act 3, Chapter 2 will be released with build 24, which Crate Entertainment is looking to release in the coming weeks. Their next content update is coming February 2nd, where they might release just a little bit more information on what’s coming next.

Grim Dawn is an isometric action-RPG in the classic vein of Diablo, albeit with less focus on endless loot and with more emphasis on player-driven narrative. It’s been in development now for nearly five years, constructed primarily by former Iron Lore members. Iron Lore was, of course, the studio behind the highly-regarded Titan Quest, another ARPG which debuted on Windows PCs back in 2006. While Titan Quest dealt primarily with Greek Mythology, Grim Dawn is a much darker offering – swapping sun-kissed Mediterranean coastlines for foreboding, rain-slicked woods in a steampunk setting. It’s rather good. It’s been available on Steam’s Early Access service for a while now; if you’re a fan of the genre, it’s well worth checking out.

Dale previewed Grim Dawn early last year, and was impressed by what he found. “While it may be aesthetically as far from Titan Quest as you could imagine, it’s very much a spiritual successor when it comes to gameplay,” he wrote in his Grim Dawn Preview. “It’s going to be interesting to see how the final game turns out.”

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