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Grim Dawn has kept a place on our radar ever since Dale previewed it back in April. And for good reason: here we have an ARPG Kickstarter darling that’s promising to overturn a genre-wide fixation with the endless loot cycle. Instead, developer Crate Entertainment promises, you’ll get meaningful player choices with consequences. Loot is simply a means to an end.

Today, game designer Zantai issued a forum update looking at several new additions in what is now the 20th build of the game. The multiplayer portion of Grim Dawn is primed for some much needed bug-squashing. In fact the multiplayer is almost ready for direct player feedback.

Zantai notes: “Once the major issues are taken care of, we will release it in a ‘play at your own risk’ state for those who want to be the first to try it out and help identify any remaining issues. We are now in a process of making fixes and retesting until we can verify the major bugs have been worked out. We expect multiplayer will be ready within the next two weeks”.

The full list of features and changes is quite a read, so we’ve cut it down to the cliffnotes for you: New features include a long-requested Steam-Cloud Saving feature, item effects have been changed to make them more feel more useful in a set whilst tempering their previously overpowered standalone effects, various new textures and epic item artwork updates have been made, difficulty has been rescaled, while item classification (useful for differentiating armor types) and miscellaneous bug fixes are also involved.

Grim Dawn isn’t the only ARPG out there trying to add its own unique spin on a worn formula. You might be interested in Kyn which focuses on intra-party skill synergy.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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