New Skywind mod trailer shows off Sheogorad region

Skyrim Skywind mod screenshot

Skyrim may be all the rage, but for gamers of a certain age, Bethesda hit their peak with The Elder Scrolls series when they released Morrowind back in 2002.

We previously covered Skywind last year – an ambitious fan-made attempt to bring The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind kicking and screaming onto a more modern version of the Gamebryo engine. It’s certainly ambitious – Morrowind may have covered a smaller geographical area than successors Oblivion and Skyrim, but it’s arguably more densely packed with underground areas, a more in-depth and branching narrative, and a much more detailed skill system.

That’s not stopping the Skywind team, however, and they’ve just shown off a glimpse of their latest progress. The Sheogorad region (no, I’m not sure how to pronounce it, either) is one of the most visually distinct provinces in Morrowind, an island chain covered in giant towering mushrooms. It is, essentially, a huge mushroom forest punctuated with coastal areas.

Check out the latest footage below. Just look at those skyboxes!

Skywind has no projected release date, though the small team behind it has recently moved on from simply incorporating areas to working on adding quests and other content. Personally, it can’t be released soon enough.

If you’re interested in lending your talents to helping the team realize their goal, head on over to, where you can also check out some of the other insanely ambitious modding projects in the works.

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