New light-weight browser packaged with Windows 10

It seems that even Microsoft thinks Internet Explorer just doesn’t cut it as a browser anymore.

The software giant is apparently developing a new browser currently codenamed “Spartan” that will ship with Windows 10. This is according to Mary J.Foley down at Zdnet who apparently has a couple of sources she relies on. According to sources Spartan is not in fact IE 12 but rather a whole new browser altogether.

Spartan will reportedly make us of Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine alongside the Trident rendering engine (used by companies like Valve for its store and Google for its Google Talk software) and will be a “new, light-weight browser”.

Internet Explorer isn’t disappearing completely though. Foley’s sources say that the desktop version of Windows 10 will actually ship with both Spartan and Internet Explorer (probably for backward-compatibility functionality and to prevent those used to IE from being scared off).

The report also says that Spartan will support Windows 10 on desktop and mobile for certain but it’s unclear whether or not Spartan will be available on Android or iOS – hopefully this will be cleared up in the near future. It’s also not clear when we’ll actually get to officially hear about Spartan however it’s very possible we’ll see it presented at Microsoft’s Windows 10 even in January called “The Next Chapter”. Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, is also speaking at the event so it’s very likely that gaming related news will be featured at The Next Chapter too.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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