Killzone Shadow Fall introduces Valor as an alternative to microtransactions

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No one likes microtransactions. No one.

Killzone: Shadow Fall has re-vamped how it handles microtransactions, by incorporating a new currency system into the year-old shooter.

It’s called Valor, and it works like this:

Your in-game score is converted into Valor. You can then use your accumulated Valor to purchase in-game perks. There are two items to choose from: “mystery boxes” contain ~80+ customization perks, while “gameplay boxes” offer 12 different in-game perks toward your next mission – increased running speed, extra items, etc.

Killzone Shadow Fall was generally well received in the wider community (though Nic certainly had his problems with it) despite some discontent regarding its multiplayer mode and twitchy AI, and it had great commercial success with over 2.1 million copies sold. Developer Guerrilla has been pretty roundly praised for its successful customer support since launch, and the recent Valor system looks like it’s been genuinely appreciated by the community.

Granted, Killzone: Shadow Fall probably should have started out with the Valor system already in place, allowing for a higher replay value for those players who want to unlock customizable options without having to fork over their credit card again. Whether or not this will draw players back for more than a few games here and there remains to be determined, but it just might be a case of too little, too late.

Hopefully, Guerrilla and other developers take note for any future discussions on microtransactions.

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