Papers, Please cleared for entry on iPad

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Lucas Pope, developer of indie game Papers, Please, tweeted yesterday an image of Papers, Please running on an iPad, along with the date December 12.

This is exciting news for iPad players, as Papers, Please is excellent. Alex Harrison reviewed the game for Continue Play back in February, scoring it 9/10 and saying that “your emotions will be snatched away from you one moment, only for you to be drowned by them the next. Games allow you to experience another life. None will make you feel more happy for leading a normal life than this.”

To the game’s credit, it’s an excellent candidate for touch screen interfaces, and should hopefully introduce new players to depression and the bleak world of rules, regulations, and a mounting pile of paperwork and bureaumancy. The port is also developed by Lucas Pope himself, so there shouldn’t be too many programming gremlins and bugs plaguing it at launch. Short of a lack of full nudity option in the scanners.

Players new to the game can find the trailer below. Those looking forward to denying passage into Arstotzka on the go can find the game on the Apple App Store tomorrow.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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