Legend of Grimrock iPad version finally reaches Beta stage

Legend of Grimrock screenshot

Legend of Grimrock‘s long-awaited iPad port has entered the Beta stage of development, indie developer Almost Human has announced.

Testing is a strictly invitation-only affair, in order to ensure that the studio is able to interact personally with testers and gather more accurate and useful feedback, it was explained. In the meantime, the MacOS version of Legend of Grimrock 2 is almost complete, following the game’s release on Windows late last year.

Legend of Grimrock is a tile-based, first-person dungeon crawler first released on PC and Mac back in 2012. Development of an iOS version of the game was originally announced during the original development stage but never materialised, with the Finnish studio saying that they were instead focusing on polishing the existing home version of the game. When Legend of Grimrock 2 was announced the following year, it seemd that all hope had been lost of the iPad version ever seeing the light of day, leading many players to assume it had been quietly shelved.

Thankfully, it now seems that isn’t the case, and with the port now seemingly in the advanced stages, it looks like mobile gamers can enjoy playing the original game on their iPads sometime later this year. Good news, too, because Legend of Grimrock is an excellent game, providing many hours of adventuring and a perfect fit for touch-screen devices. No news however on whether the dungeon creation tools will feature in the mobile version, and it would presumably be a bit tricky to share them with the community, but we can but hope.

To go along with the announcement, Almost Human has released the first video demonstrating how the game is shaping up so far.

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