Trion World’s Trove has just hit open beta


Trove, the acclaimed voxel RPG set in a massive universe of online worlds from Trion Worlds, has finally hit open beta after a long period of being closed off to the general public in the Alpha and Closed Beta stages of its life.

Trove, just like the very similar Minecraft, involves a lot of blocks, digging, crafting and more blocks; but where Trove diverges from Minecraft is how it also features quests, dungeons, raids, classes, skills, leveling and other MMORPG-esque things all inside a procedurally-generated cube world – sounds fun, right?

Trion Worlds likes to describe Trove by splitting it up into the 3 sections: Adventure, Explore and Create. The Adventure part has you journeying through realms (different servers) with the class of your choice, conquering enemies and collecting or crafting rare items. Exploring is pretty self explanatory: like I mentioned earlier, Trove is procedurally- generated and fully destructible, so in theory you should be able to go wild and let your interest take you to potentially exciting places. Finally there’s Create – this is what seems the most interesting to me, using the tools provided to you by Trove you can supposedly create and edit anything and everything in the world. Want a big pink and yellow sword? then create a big pink and yellow sword, it’s that easy. Of course, this opens up the possibility for various servers to become littered with things of a slightly phallic nature but, for those with a bit of creativity, this feature is likely to be a powerful draw.

To sign up for and download the Trove beta you can follow this link, and do let us know how you feel about the game – we’re as new to this as you are.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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