Sleeping Dogs’ sequel is an online PC game called Triad Wars

United Front Games has released the first details of its follow-up to the open-world Triad-themed game, Sleeping Dogs.

Called Triad Wars, the developer’s latest project is an online-only PC game where players will roam around an open-world recreation of Hong Kong, while recruiting their own gang and entering into turf wars with other players. A video has been released – which you can watch below – outlining some of what you can expect from the game when it comes out sometime in “early 2015”.

Sleeping Dogs was all about the story of Wei Shen,” explains Design Director, Steven Ferreira, in the video. “Triad Wars is the other side of that… it’s all about Hong Kong, and the criminal underworld.”

“It’s all about being a Triad gangster, who is fighting his way to the top”, Producer Justin Bullard goes on to explain.

It sounds not too dissimilar to the ill-fated APB then, which you may remember as being what the dearly-departed development studio Realtime Worlds did after Crackdown. APB was a bit of a flop, but the studio clearly thinks it’s on to something; and with Rockstar blazing a trail with the success of GTA Online, it may be right.

Our man Dan rather liked Sleeping Dogs, giving it a score of 8/10 when he retrospectively reviewed it earlier this year. “While Sleeping Dogs has its issues, they’re not the kind you’ll obsess over,” he concluded. “Presentation is key, and Sleeping Dogs seems to fundamentally understand that, resulting in a game that is one of the rough diamonds of the last generation.”

Sleeping Dogs had something of a troubled development history. Originally intended to be a new installment in publisher Activision’s True Crime series and announced in 2009, it was later cancelled before being picked up by Square Enix and finally hitting shelves in 2012 as a new IP and selling over 1.5 million copies in its first year on sale. Despite this, Square Enix declared it a “failure”, leaving its future as a franchise in doubt. No doubt they’ll be hoping that Triad Wars comes closer to meeting their (rather lofty) expectations.

If the sound of Triad Wars takes your fancy, you can sign up to the closed beta by heading over to the game’s official website.

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