New Trailer For Sleeping Dogs’ Successor Triad Wars


Square Enix has released a new trailer for Triad Wars, United Front’s new game set in the Sleeping Dogs universe.

The trailer, dubbed “Own the Underworld,” features a short voice-over about power, and then roughly a full minute of people getting shot, stabbed, impaled, or electrocuted. It looks like you’ll still have a wide range of ways to murder your opponents, just like in Sleeping Dogs: Table saws, breaker boxes, swordfish heads, drills, golden machine-guns, and flying kicks abound.

We previously wrote about Triad Wars when it was first announced last September. Rather than a direct sequel to Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars takes for of an online-only open-world game, set once more in the city of Hong Kong. “Sleeping Dogs was all about the story of Wei Shen. Triad Wars is the other side of that… it’s all about Hong Kong, and the criminal underworld,” explained Design Director, Steven Ferreira, at the time.

Much like its predecessor Sleeping DogsTriad Wars presents you with two paths to success: Will you use strategy to rise through the ranks of the Triad with blackmail and money-laundering, or go full-tilt brute-force and shoot your way to the top?

Although the game’s release date is still TBA, you can sign up for the Triad Wars’ closed beta at, and find other videos about the game on the Triad Wars YouTube channel.

Wayne Meeks

Wayne Meeks

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