Sleeping Dogs getting remastered for PS4 and Xbox One


Today, UK retailer ShopTo listed PC and next-gen console versions of United Front Games’s Sleeping Dogs under the name Sleeping Dogs HD. It was listed as being £54.99 with a release date of November 21st. Since it has since been pulled from the site, it appears as though a remaster of the Hong Kong set action adventure game has been all but confirmed.

While Square Enix has refused to verify the existence of this remaster, there’s essentially no doubt that it’s currently in production, as the game was also briefly put up for pre-order on Amazon under the name Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. According to an accompanying promotional image, this version will be released on October 14th and will include all previously released DLCs and a 28 page book of concept art. It will almost assuredly also boast updated graphics and sound.


Interestingly, the Amazon listing lacked any sort of mention of a PC release, so the jury is still out on whether or not PC gamers will be able to roam the remastered streets of Hong Kong. Given that the release is set for just over two months from now, Square Enix will likely clear up any confusion in the coming weeks.

Dan’s recent retrospective review of Sleeping Dogs concluded with a very respectable 8/10. “While Sleeping Dogs has its issues, they’re not the kind you’ll obsess over,” he said. “Presentation is key, and Sleeping Dogs seems to fundamentally understand that, resulting in a game that is one of the rough diamonds of the last generation.”

Not bad for a game that had such a lengthy and troubled development. A sequel for Sleeping Dogs entitled Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars is currently in development with no confirmed platforms or release date.

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