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The brave souls who jump into an MMORPG on release are given a mixed bag. On one hand, they get the privilege of being the pioneers of the new world and have the opportunity to be the first to rise to supremacy. On the other hand, they are often faced with substantial bugs and a distinct lack of content, particularly in the end-game, which historically developers have chosen to figure out later rather than sooner.

Early adopters of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online, which launched this past April, are being offered more than the standard laundry list of goods and bads, however. Today, publisher Bethesda Softworks has announced that starting in September all players who have been a subscribed for at least three months will be receiving a High Hrothgar Wraith that will follow their characters around. Bethesda describes the Wraith as a “vanity pet”, meaning it’s not going to be good for anything but showing off; but hey, it’s something.

New and envious players who wish they could also have a skeleton ghost follow them around need not fret, as they will also be receiving the pet once their subscription time hits three months. Those who have been with ESO since the beginning will just get to enjoy it for a little longer.

The Wraith will be the first reward in a string of benefits in ESO’s loyalty program. The next reward will be for players who have been subscribed for six months, though Bethesda is keeping quiet about what exactly it’s going to be. Whether or not these gifts will take up bag slots is also up in the air.

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Jamie Goodin

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