Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Coming to NA and EU

NIS America has announced that Criminal Girls: Invite Only will be making its way over to North America and Europe sometime in 2015. The PS Vita RPG follows the story of seven female prison inmates who’ve been imprisoned in hell. Naturally they each have their own “sinful” backstory.

You’ll have to get the girls to explore the depths of hell by getting them to combine their conflicting battle plans, as well as spending “one-on-one time” with them to “motivate them”… it’s one of the more suggestive sales pitches we’ve heard from a game since Conception 2 – and that game is about being “God’s Gift” and creating “Star Children”.

The catch is that the girls have minds, desires, and ideas of their own about which skills they want to use in combat. Shaping them into a cohesive team is being touted as one of the core elements of the game. It sounds like it might appeal to those who are interested in Etrian Odyssey-esque dungeon-crawlers like Persona Q.

Up until now, Criminal Girls has been a Japan exclusive, with the original PSP release dating all the way back to 2010. In the original Japanese versions, certain girls needed to be “motivated” by taking part in minigames which included tickling and whipping them.  In Japan, the PS Vita port goes by the name Criminal Girls: Invitation and received a 30/40 rating from Famitsu. The trailer below shows off the retro-chic graphics and what looks like character AI presets.

NIS America has stated that certain aspects of the content have been “edited” in order to bring the title to western audiences. Presumably, this means that some of the more unpalatable aspects of the original’s content have been removed.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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