Alter World is a platformer inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower

A new game inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is garnering attention on Steam’s Greenlight service.

Greenlight allows Steam users to vote on what games should be released on Valve’s popular digital marketplace, and gives developers valuable feedback on what the community wants (or doesn’t want) to see in their game. It’s a unique service, different from Early Access, as no money changes hands at this stage; it gives indie developers the leg up they might need in order to be able to not only publish a game that they created, but also shape their game into exactly what the community at large wants to play.

Creator Giorgi Abelix Abelashvili has created Alter World, a puzzle platformer based on a line by character Jake Chambers in King’s series: “Go then, there are other worlds than these…” His new teaser trailer opens to reveal a unique, painterly background with soft light and bright colors, and a dog runs on to fetch a thrown stick. Soon, a young boy enters (looking remarkably like a young Tom Baker’s fourth incarnation of the Doctor from the BBC’s Doctor Who) and the game of fetch continues. The gentle ambient music is the perfect companion to the whole feel of the game, matching perfectly with the background images, the character sprites, and the overall feeling of what we’re seeing in the introductory video.

When a mysterious door appears in front of the dog and he goes through it, the surprised young lad races after his pet without a second thought, disappearing into the door and into the Alter World.

Additional gameplay videos reveal a unique puzzler platformer in which our young hero can seemingly switch between alternate realities in order to reach another door. If spikes are blocking his path, switching to an alternate and darker-looking reality reveals that those spikes don’t exist there, allowing him to pass. Some of the puzzles shown in the game play trailers look like they might be of the type that you have to do absolutely, perfectly, 100% the right way or you’ll fail, and that may be frustrating to some players.

So far, Alter World has received a number of votes and comments, although Steam doesn’t issue a tally or counter to tell the public how many more votes needed in order to be released, so we don’t know how many more it needs. You can review and vote on Alter World here.

Abelashvili has also indicated that once Alter World has been released on Steam, he wants to pursue a release on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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