Cliffhanger Productions to have 3rd Live Q&A June 4th for Shadowrun Online.

The Devs at Cliffhanger Productions came together for a live Q&A chat panel on April 3rd of this year to talk about their newest game, Shadowrun Online. During the first Q&A, fans asked Cliffhanger to have more panels and to do anything they could to keep the communication lines open between Devs and us fans. Well Cliffhanger Productions has kept well on their promise and came together again for a second Q&A in May.

Now, prepare yourselves runners – because they’re ready go back to the panel again on June 4th.

Scheduled for June 4 at 11:59pm CEST / 2:59pm PDT on Google Hangouts, the Devs at Cliffhanger Productions are ready to tell us what’s coming next in the Shadowrun Online world.

Cliffhanger Productions took to Kickstarter last year so that they could try to raise the $500,000 goal to bring Shadowrun Online to fans. Wanting to allow fans to experience Shadowrun with their friends and bring them an entirely new arsenal of weapons and enemies, Cliffhanger Productions has been wanting to bring the game to Linux, Mac, PC, iOS/iPad, Android Tablets and even Ouya. Well, Shadowrun Online successfully infiltrated the ever-growing Steam Early Access program, giving samurai and decker wannabes a first-hand, early look at the new dystopian cyberpunk future.

Set 20 years after the events of last year’s Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Online builds on the previous game’s storyline with all-new characters, missions and settings. Set in the year 2075, magic and technology meet and mix in another installment of one of the most popular and successful tabletop RPGs ever created.

Anyone who takes part in the Early Access will have get a preview of Shadowrun Online’s campaign and will even get a taste of the combat and PvP that is to come in the final version. But be warned, Cliffhanger’s managing director, Jan Wagner, has admitted that the Early Access version of Shadowrun Online is a “very stripped down look at the game”.

During the third Q&A panel tomorrow, the Devs will be talking about a few important features. They’ll be providing feedback and insight on the latest development cycles, as well as answering questions from fans – though they will be moderated, as they were last time around. But most importantly, they’ll be discussing the new update, set to release the same day, for Shadowrun Online’s Early Access.

This latest update introduces us to security and alarm levels, where cameras alert the enemy to your presence, resulting in reinforcements being called in. Also, they’ll be introducing a new character: Bri, the Dwarf Decker, will now be joining teams for certain missions, offering a new pistol and combat hacking skills. There will also be new missions and random spawns, aiding replayability, as well as a raft of bug fixes and improvements.

If you haven’t taken a look at Shadowrun Online, then hop on over to what they call ‘Hangout Air’ on Google Hangouts tomorrow. And if you want to get a taste for Shadowrun Online yourself, then you can find it on Steam Early Access, where it can be yours for $30.

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