Massive Updates Inbound for Heroes and Generals


Reto-Moto has today announced  a large series of updates for their currently-in open-beta game Heroes and Generals.

New features are promised as well as “loads of new weapons and vehicles”. No more details have been released as yet. Looks like we have quite a few surprises in store for us over the next few weeks. A small Easter Egg has been offered in the form of a reference to the “Jagdpanzer acht-und-dreißig T” Could this mean we will be seeing a Jagdpanzer 38 (t)? Better (if erroneously) known as the Hetzer? Only time will tell.

(A quick google search reveals however that “acht-und-dreißig” means 39…)

Heroes and Generals is an MMO made up of a mixture of Grand Strategy and First Person Shooter gameplay, based on the backdrop of the Second World War on the Western Front. Currently the game features American and German Army and Air Force units, and offers a wide variety of customizable options and an ever growing selection of units.

Included with the update is an impressive new trailer, making the point that wars are not won by just tanks.

Noah Ellis

Noah Ellis

Noah can be found in your nearest Flight Sim or Strategy game correcting minute historical errors. Hailing from Australia, he tries his best to make sure that the colonials speak the proper mother tongue. Results have so far been unsatisfactory.
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