Elder Scrolls Online: Name and shame gold spammers


We’re still playing The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online Studios’ attempt to transform Bethesda’s classic series into an MMO. You can read our early impressions of the game here. One thing that we have noticed is the sheer volume of people spamming accounts with the offer of buying in-game gold for real money.

Well apparently, Zenimax has too – as it has now called on players to name and shame anyone who attempts to sell in-game gold. Recently, the spammers have taken to contacting players via private messages on the game’s official forum. Zenimax has responded by temporarily disabling the ability to send private messages, and has urged all players to help them combat the problem by reporting any account found to be selling in-game currency.

“We are aware that some forum users have received private messages from gold spammers. We can assure you we are working as quickly as possible to identify and remove these spammers from our forums,” the developer said in a statement issued on the official forum.

We request that anyone who has received a private message they believe to be from a gold spammer to post the sender’s username as a comment in this thread. As we have disabled PMs, you will not be able to access your inbox on the forums, but if you received an e-mail notification to alert you to the PM you received, the sender’s username should be in that e-mail.

“Please note that our Community Code of Conduct does prohibit naming and shaming. However, in an effort to expedite the process of identifying and banning the spammers’ accounts, we are making an exception for this situation. We will investigate each alleged spammer account individually to avoid false reports.

“Thank you to everyone who has reported the issue so far. We will continue to update this thread as soon as we new information to share.”

MMOs have a long history of attempting to tackle the growing problem of unscrupulous people selling in-game gold for real money, but the problem has yet to go away. Whether or not Zenimax are able to contain this latest issue remains to be seen, but it’s at least heartening to see that they’re making every attempt that they can to eradicate the problem.

We’ll keep you notified as the issue develops.

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