Elder Scrolls Online reaches nearly 775,000 Subscribers

The Elder Scrolls Online has passed the three quarters of a million mark.

Reports revealed that the popular MMO had 772,374 subscribers as of the end of June, according to SuperData Research. Bethesda has yet to comment on, or confirm this report – or release any figures about the game’s earnings based off the subscription. However, because their parent company ZeniMax Media is privately held, they aren’t legally required to publish such data.

The report also indicates World of Warcraft as the primary income-earner and most played MMO in the world (no surprise there then), with a 36% market share and over $1bn worth of earnings in 2013.

With the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Elder Scrolls Online still yet to come in November, these figures could potentially skyrocket and push The Elder Scrolls Online further up into the rankings – assuming it can maintain its momentum, of course.

Are you playing ESO? If so, what are your thoughts? If you’re not, why not? Let us know.

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