Consoles To Get Second Darksiders 2 Patch

Vigil Games has announced that the second Darksiders 2 patch will soon go live for consoles.

The list is quite extensive, and seems to address the majority of the game breaking bugs that were present.  The developer did mention that, in a few isolated incidents, you may have to restart your game as the fix may not apply to an old game save.

Some points of note are:

  • Players will no longer fall through the world during boss fights in Argul’s Tomb
  • Cutscenes will now run properly when returning to Earth with the Rod Of Arafel in Lostlight
  • Proper credit will now be given for saving the angels on Earth, even if you reset your console during the save sequence
  • Karn will pick up the second heartstone even if you leave the Foundry room too quickly

Vigil has stated that if you still experience issues marked as ‘fixed’ after the update, you should open a new thread and reference the previous forum thread, which will have been moved to the ‘archived threads’ section.

The full fix list can be read here.

Declan Skews

Declan Skews

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