Darksiders Unlocks for Darksiders II

Players who have played and/or completed the original Darksiders will be treated to two special unlocks upon the release of Darksiders II, publisher THQ has revealed.

Those who have played the first title will unlock the Pauldron of the Horsemen, a level 5 legendary armour piece that boosts all stats; and others who have completed Darksiders (on any difficulty) will receive a level 1 legendary scythe known as the Chaos Fang that will boost Death’s damage output and critical chance.

THQ go on to point out that the unlocks are based on achievements earned from the first game and that now is the perfect time to give it a whirl ready for the Darksiders II launch date on August 21st.

For all those interested, Darksiders can still be downloaded on Xbox 360, via the Xbox LIVE Games on Demand service.

Wesley Copeland

Wesley Copeland

Born in Cyrodiil but raised in Ferelden, more commonly known as England. Wesley Copeland is a passionate writer with more opinions than an ostrich.
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