Dragon Quest XI Heading To PS4, 3DS And NX

Dragon Quest XI Announced

Square Enix has officially confirmed Dragon Quest XI, for release on PlayStation 4, 3DS and NX – making it the first game to be officially confirmed for Nintendo’s still-under-wraps new console.

The announcement was made during a 90 minute conference in Japan this morning, during which Square Enix outlined no fewer than 10 different games. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time was the headline announcement, with the publisher detailing its plans for the long-running JRPG series ahead of its 30th anniversary next year, which is likely when we can expect the game to be released.

Built on Unreal Engine 4, the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI resembles Dragon Quest VIII, appearing to return to a more traditional open world RPG after more recent entries in the series flirted with MMO principles. Square Enix is headlining the game’s development on PS4, assisted by Orca.

The 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI looks substantially different, running different visual styles split between the handheld’s two screens. On the upper screen, Dragon Quest XI is rendered as a top-down 3D game. On the bottom screen, the game looks closer to a classic 16-bit RPG, with the world and characters depicted as sprites that could have been ripped right from a SNES cartridge. The 3DS version is being developed by Toy Logic, who previously helped to develop Kid Icarus: Uprising alongside Sora.

Unsurprisingly, no footage of the NX version was shown. Nintendo is still keeping its next console under wraps until an expected reveal sometime next year.

You can view the full conference in the video below. It’s all in Japanese, but it gives a good glimpse of the game in action.

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