Deadpool Video Game Returns To Steam

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A year after Deadpool was pulled from Steam it’s reappeared – but no one seems to know why.

Deadpool was developed by High Moon Studios, known for their Transformers: War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron. The game remained on Steam for six months upon its release back in 2013, before being abruptly pulled from sale due to Activision’s license with Marvel Comics expiring. Several other titles were also pulled at the same time, including Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Activision didn’t issue a press release announcing Deadpool‘s return to digital marketplaces on PC, and it’s currently unknown whether it will reappear on Xbox Marketplace and PS. Presumably, its reappearance means that Activision has managed to acquire a new license from Marvel to publish games based on its characters.

Ryan Reynolds will portray Deadpool in a solo film outing next year. It’s not the first time that Reynolds has played the character: he also portrayed him in the dire Wolverine: Origins back in 2009. Oddly, despite taking place in the same cinematic universe as other X-Men films, Deadpool will apparently completely ignore the character’s depiction in Origins.

Daniel Horowitz reviewed Deadpool for Continue Play, awarding the Merc With A Mouth’s debut solo outing a score of 6/10.

Deadpool isn’t the most innovative title around, and it’s certainly not the best superhero game,” Daniel wrote in his Deadpool review. “It can’t hold a candle to Traveller Tales’ Lego Marvel Superheroes, but it’s a passable action romp with a solid script and good character work.”


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