Award-Winning Indie Game Year Walk Coming To Wii U

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Critically acclaimed PC and mobile puzzle game Year Walk is being rebuilt from ground up for Wii U, developer Simogo has announced.

Due to be released later this summer, the new version of the game is being worked on in collaboration with Scram Kitty developer Dakko Dakko, and has a number of new features to take advantage of the Wii U’s GamePad controller.

“We knew that we wouldn’t want to hand Year Walk off to a porting studio, yet we wanted a fresh view on the game to make it feel new, exciting and home on the platform,” Simogo explained in a blog post. “So we’ve worked together with someone we knew we could trust to do this – our friends Dakko Dakko.

“The game has been totally rebuilt for the platform, with the Wii U GamePad tightly integrated into the game. It’s hard to imagine that it was not made for Wii U originally – that’s how [at] home it feels.”


Using the GamePad’s touchscreen you’ll be able to see optional hints, read the in-game encyclopaedia and take notes to jot down thoughts and points of interest. Motion controls have also been added to the game, with Simogo explaining how they work in practice.

“You use the left stick to walk (and it feels pretty good to do so with analog controls!). But, to look around and find things to interact with, you’ll point and move the GamePad with very relaxed and subtle motions,” the developer explains. “It’s very reminiscent of using the Wii Remote to point at the TV, or mouse controls, but perhaps even more relaxed, as you don’t have to point it towards the TV. You can rest the GamePad neatly in your lap. We’re very proud of this and we think we’ve made some really cool innovations with the motion-based cursor controls.

“Unlike the PC-version, which used cursor controls to interact with puzzles and contraptions, we now use custom motion controls for almost every puzzle. For example, if you find something in the forest that you can spin or rotate, you’ll physically rotate the GamePad, with really finely tuned controls. The GamePad rumbles and makes lovely sounds (make sure you have the volume all cranked up on it!), and it just feels amazingly tactile – like you’re actually holding the objects in your hands.”

Additional languages will also be supported. While the original version of Year Walk was only available in English, the Wii U version will support English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

A number of secrets have been added to Year Walk‘s Wii U version, thought Simogo doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. One surprise in particular will be revealed prior to the game’s release and is apparently related to Simogo’s recent experiments with media outside of games, which points to some kind of spin-off merchandise. Perhaps an artbook or audio drama? Time will tell.

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