Satellite Reign Gets A Release Date, New “Content Complete” Beta

Satellite Reing Beta Announcement screenshot

Satellite Reign will launch on August 28th, developer 5 Lives Studio has announced.

The spiritual successor to Syndicate has been in Early Access for seven months, following a successful campaign on Kickstarter last year that raised over £440,000. Now, the game has entered Beta and is content complete.

An update to the Early Access build of the game has been released, allowing all backers to experience the game from beginning to end. The beta version of the game unlocks the final section of the game world, Dragocenics Tower, said to be the most challenging portion of the game and allowing players to scale the building and take over the corporation’s Res-Tech Network.

Also added in the new build is a new introductory sequence, and your mission-giver, Tag, has been given a voice.

“Entering beta is a huge milestone, but not has big as getting the game ready for the masses, and leaving Early Access,” said the developer in a press release issued this morning. “We’re announcing today that we will be entering full release on the 28th of August 2015. Of course, leaving Early Access is by no means a finish-line. Satellite Reign is hugely important to our little studio, and we’ll be continuing to support the game as long as necessary post-release, while also investigating new content and features we would like to add.”

I previewed Satellite Reign earlier this year, and was suitably impressed. Back then, the game was still heavily in development, with little gameplay content and plenty of assets yet to be added; but what was there was still hugely enjoyable.

Satellite Reign is still heavy in development, but already Diskett’s spiritual successor to the Bullfrog classic is showing enough polish, atmosphere and smart gameplay that I keep going back to the Early Access demo,” I wrote in my Satellite Reign preview. “Partly to soak in the wonderful atmosphere of the world that Diskett and his team at 5 Lives Studios has created, but also because they have managed to update and refine the gameplay of the original so well that going back to the actual Syndicate games reveals just how unrefined and scrappy they actually are.

A shiny new trailer has been released alongside the news, which you can view below.

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