Satellite Reign now available on Steam Early Access

Satellite Reign screenshot from Steam Early Access build

Satellite Reign, a spiritual successor to the classic Syndicate games by Bullfrog, is available now via Steam Early Access.

Created by Mike Diskett, formerly the lead designer on Syndicate Wars, Satellite Reign first appeared as a Kickstarter last year, with a funding goal of £350k . The project was successful, netting over £460,000 for the developers.

While inspired by Syndicate, Diskett and his team have added in a few twists to the traditional gameplay. Agents in Satellite Reign have distinct classes, and the game is set in a one giant, open-ended city.

Working alongside former Sega employees under the name of 5 Lives Studios, Diskett and his team already have plenty to show for their efforts. You can see a glimpse of how the game is shaping up in the video below. The city really does look quite wonderful, evoking the same dystopian cyberpunk feel of the originals while bathed in a gorgeous neon glow that brings to mind nothing less than Blade Runner.

Satellite Reign will set you back $29.99/ £22.99, though there’s a 10% discount in place until December 18th.

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