Journey Coming To PS4 Later This Month

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Journey will be released for PS4 on July 21st, Sony has announced.

Players who already picked up Journey on the PS3 won’t need to purchase the game again – it supports Cross Buy, so you’ll be able to download the PS4 version as soon as it becomes available.

To celebrate the impending release, Sony is asking players to relive their memories of their first time with Journey. Players who want to participate are asked to record a video testimonial and upload it to social media with the hashtag “#OurJourney”. The testimonials will then be featured on a special website set up to celebrate the game’s re-release.

Journey‘s creative director, Jenova Chen, has recorded his own video about what the game means to him, which you can view below:

Continue Play contributor Tim Hitpas wrote about his own experience with Journey in an article published last year.

“Maybe being able to interact with other players online was the developer’s way to allow experienced players to guide new players through a world with no signposts, maps or cheat codes to help them along,” Tim wrote. “A world much like our own, where we are all desperate to find our way so that we’ll be all right in the end. Only it’s not the end we should be concerning ourselves with, but the journey that gets us there.”

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