Journey Is Being Remastered For PS4

Tired of remastered versions of last-gen games and hoping for something new? Tough luck – Sony is gearing up for a remastered trilogy on PlayStation 4 for Flow, Flower, and Journey.

The games – developed by the praised inde studio ThatGameCompany – will make up a trilogy compilation on Sony’s latest console. The compilation will launch this Summer on Blu-Ray and as a digital package, Sony has confirmed.

In a statement to GameSpot, Sony said Journey on PS4 will run at 60fps in 1080p. Other than that, the game will remain untouched.

Joureny_01The digital version of Journey will release individually on the PlayStation Store. Flower and Flow are already in the store. Both can be downloaded for free by users who bought the games on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. It is unclear if Journey will be Cross-buy as well.

ThatGameCompany made their debut with Flow on Sony’s PS3 back in 2007. In the years that followed, the release of Flower brought the studio to a new height and was heavily promoted by Sony as a title which demonstrated the potential of the sixaxis control in the Dual Shock 3 controller. Flower takes players on an adventure of a live-giving wind across a meadow, using the motion control of the Dual Shock to direct an on-screen flower petal.

ThatGameCompany’s Journey was a commercial and critical success among gamers. Upon the game’s release in March of 2012 it became the fastest-selling title on PSN. Tim Hitpas wrote about Journey for Continue Play last year, when speaking about one of the moments that defined his experience as a gamer. “Journey is a unique game because the story is entirely what you make of it,” he said. “You simply have to forge your own path, following visual clues and relying on your instincts.”

Despite the success of Journey, ThatGameCompany exhausted its financial resources in funding the project and emerged from the game’s completion on the verge of bankruptcy. News broke earlier last year that the studio had managed to raise $7 million from a venture capital firm in order to fund their fourth project, which they have yet to reveal. Could it be set for an unveiling at E3 in June?

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