Sony Reveals Revised PS4 Model And New 1TB Console

Sony Announces 2 New PS4 Models

In a double-whammy of PS4 hardware announcements this morning, Sony has revealed plans for two new versions of its console.

First up: from the end of June and starting in Japan, a slightly revised version of the existing PS4 hardware will go on sale, available in either Jet Black or Glacier White.

The new model weighs approximately 10% less, while power draw has been slashed by around 8%. The console has also been given a “more casual” matte finish. If you’re one of those people who gets annoyed at seeing fingerprints all over a console’s chassis, you needn’t worry anymore.

Other than that, it’s still the same PS4 architecture, so don’t expect any sudden gains in performance.

Here’s what the black version looks like. Spot the difference!

Sony Announces 2 New PS4 Models

The second announcement is of a new 1TB version of the console. Dubbed the “Ultimate Player Edition” by Sony, it offers twice the storage of the existing retail unit. That said, it’s relatively easy to swap out the included hard drive for another of your choice anyway; but it’s always nice to be given more choice.

The 1TB model will go on sale in “Europe and PAL territories” from 15th July, though no pricing information has been given by Sony beyond saying that potential purchasers should check with retailers.

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