Fallout 4 E3 Reveal Is Jam-Packed With New Information

Fallout 4 E3 Reveal Is Jam-Packed With New Information

As the end-cap to Bethesda’s E3 showing, the full reveal for Fallout 4 is absolutely packed to the brim with information on the upcoming game, including gameplay details.

The beginning of the reveal shows character customization in a pre-bomb Boston, which introduces the player to the protagonists, a couple, who are fully voiced and can be either male or female. Customization is based on sculpting the player character manually, rather than using sliders or presets. This includes a wide range of hair and skin color options.

Shortly after, the sudden drop of the bombs leads the protagonist to flee to the vault, where due to unknown circumstances, sees the protagonist waking up two hundred years later in a bombed-out husk of the town confused and unaware of how much time has passed. The player is said to be able to interrupt dialog, either by walking away or shooting the other participant.

Revealed with it is the player’s role to rebuilt their home base, or their own settlements, which is assembled from scavenged parts pulled from the wasteland. Every time can be salvaged for material, or used in the new crafting system. The crafting system likewise appears to be put together from parts that can be found out in the world. Every item has a base component that can be applied toward crafts, and every aspect of a weapon can be changed, customized, and personalized to the player’s taste. This is true for all 50 base weapons, as well as the player’s Power Armor.

With the character settlements comes town creation, including building shops, economies, trade routes, and also bandit raids on the town. Players act as the leader of the town, and is also responsible for the town defense, from building defensive turrets and traps to personally getting involved in combat.

Combat itself is based on the SPECIAL system familiar to Fallout veterans, and VATS has made a return. Although unlike the past Fallout games, VATS only slows time rather than freezes it. Combat appears a lot punchier than in former Fallout games, in part aided by how much more fluid it appears than its predecessors.

Most interestingly, Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is set to come with a model Pip-Boy, fully wearable, with an interior slot for smartphones. Along with the game’s release, an app will be released that emulates the Pip-Boy UI, which will fit into the special edition Pip-Boy.

Players interested in the game, or the Pip-Boy, don’t have to wait long. Fallout 4 is announced to release on November 10th, 2015.

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