Catlateral Damage Claws Its Way Onto Steam Next Week

Catlateral Damage Out Next Week

Catlateral Damage launches on Steam next week for PC, Mac and Linux, a few months later from its initially projected November 2014 release.

The madcap kitty rampage simulator places players in the shoes (or should that be paws?) of a cat trying to cause as much damage to a house as it can while its owner isn’t home. You’ll need to knock as many objects off shelves, tables and chests of drawers as you can. It plays a bit like Rampage crossed with Katamari Damacy, and it’s just as fun as it sounds.

The final game features procedurally generated houses filled with collectibles, power-ups and new cats to unlock. Each cat has its own varying attributes, with different levels of strength and agility, and you can boost their stats temporarily by sniffing catnip. The visuals are deliberately kept simple to make everything easily identifiable, while cel-shading gives the whole thing a slightly cartoon-like vibe.

Chris Chung is the man behind the game, which started out life as a Game Jam entry before being successfullly funded on Kickstarter, where it managed to raise over $60,000 from cat lovers eager to see it rounded out into a full commercial release. To accomplish that task he teamed up with Fire Hose Games, a small indie outfit based out of Cambridge, Massachusets. As well as the release on home computers, Chung is also working on a port for Ouya.

Alex Harrison previewed Catlateral Damage for Continue Play last year, and although the early version he played was little more than a proof of concept at the time, he still had a huge amount of fun. Sadly, his hopes for competitive multiplayer modes don’t appear to have come to fruition, but who knows? Maybe if the game does well we could see them added via a post-release update. You can read Alex’s Catlateral Damage preview here.

Here’s how the game’s shaped up since then:

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