tinyBuild seeks additional Kickstarter support for JetGetters


The developers of No Time To Explain need your help with their latest projectJetGetters.

Described as an eclectic mix between Just Cause 2 and Battlefield 4JetGetters is a multiplayer-focused game where you try to hijack each other’s planes mid-flight.

Currently at 35k, they are seeking an additional 15k to reach their goal of 50,000. As of this moment, several bundle tiers are available for backers, including the Speedy Treasure Island tier, which includes not only JetGetters, but also No Time to ExplainNot the RobotsSpeedRunnersSpoiler AlertFearless FantasyBitBrawlers and a digital hi-resolution poster. tinyBuild’s current plan is to release the game on the Ouya and Steam, with further stretch goals to include the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

Though the alpha build seems to have some stilted models and animations, the aesthetic direction comes off as consistent and the action as highly frenetic. Likewise, co-founder and producer Alex Nichiporchik teased some additional features, such as randomly generated computer-controlled third parties in multiplayer to disrupt team play.

If you’re interested in supporting what looks like a fun, interesting, simple, action-heavy indie game, JetGetters seems to be brimming with potential and worth your consideration.

Joe Yang

Joe Yang

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