Here’s what classic PC game Outcast looks like in HD


Remember Outcast? It was a rather brilliant game released on PC back in 1999. Outcast featured huge worlds made of Voxels – long before Notch made them fashionable with Minecraft – and set the player loose on an alien planet, with a mission to recover a damaged probe threatening Earth. It featured revolutionary AI (for the time), with multiple factions all responding either positively or negatively to your actions via an advanced reputation system. It was all rather brilliant, particularly the soundtrack.

Well now, former members of the original design team have banded together under the name Fresh 3D, Inc to recreate the game in HD, after purchasing the rights to the IP from Atari last year. This isn’t just a simple up-scaling job though – the entire game is being re-written in a new engine, with brand new art assets. Despite all the modern jiggery-pokery however, the team is adamant that they will preserve the unique look of the original, while improving on aspects of the game such as the inventory system and HUD.

The project is currently seeking $600,000 of funding on Kickstarter, and with 14 days to go they’re just over a third of the way towards their target. At the time of writing, $223,979 has been pledged. Stretch goals include adding additional features such as dynamic weather effects if the developers manage to raise $750,000, all the way up to including an additional world to explore if they manage to secure funding to the tune of $1.7m – a rather loft ambition.

With only two weeks left to go, its looking uncertain as to whether they will meet their goal, but the new gameplay footage that they’ve shown off today is certainly impressive, bringing back memories of the classic original while having a pleasantly modern graphical shine.

Take a look at the rebooted game in action for yourself below, and head over to Kickstarter to read about the project in more detail.

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