Sony Overtakes Microsoft In Revenue Rankings

A strong year sees Sony overtake Microsoft in revenue rankings

Market Research outfit Newzoo has updated its chart of the world’s biggest game companies by revenue, showing a year of almost universal growth for the industry’s top 25 companies. Between them, those 25 firms accounted for $54.1 billion or 65% of the entire industry’s revenue in the last financial year.

Chinese internet giant Tencent has retained its position as the largest public gaming company in the world, registering a massive 37% in annual growth and making a total of $7.2 billion in sales.

However, the biggest surprise came from Sony, who overtook Microsoft with an impressive 27% year over year growth from $4.7 billion to $6 billion. Microsoft lagged behind, only managing a total 3% of growth, making a total of $5 billion.

This by no means points to Microsoft being in any trouble, though: it’s still the third biggest games company in the world. However, it does show that Sony are now leading in the console wars, with Nintendo lagging behind substantially with $2.1 billion in revenue.

This is an important year for Microsoft, with a brand new IP already in the works, and big plans for this year’s E3 conference, they’re pulling out all the stops to bridge the gap with Sony.

Sony has already started well this year, with the critical and commercial success of new IP Bloodborne, which managed to shift over a million copies in its first week.

In Brian’s fantastic review of Bloodborne, he stated that “If you’ve been waiting for a reason to justify your purchase of a PlayStation 4 but have been let down so far with the system’s exclusives, then Bloodborne is the game which could well redeem Sony’s latest console in your eyes”. He also scored it a 10/10, so Microsoft could have their work cut out for them.

For those who are interested to see how the list of top 10 games companies is shaping up, take a gander at the chart below.


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