Microsoft shipped 2.4 million Xbox consoles last quarter

Microsoft has revealed in its latest earnings report that they have managed to ship an impressive 2.4 million Xbox consoles (this includes the 360 as well as the One) to retailers as of the ending of last quarter – the 30th of September.

The news marks a massive 102 percent growth in sales for the Xbox. If you keep in mind that the Xbox One launched in 28 new areas last quarter, this report makes a bit of sense. But still, it’s a pretty big increase compared to the 1.1 million consoles Microsoft had shipped in the previous quarter (which ended on the 30th of June) – and it’s also a combined figure, rather than demonstrating how the Xbox One is performing.

It seems that electronic devices in general seem to be on the rise, in terms of revenue with the entire ‘Device and Consumer’ division (which Xbox is a part of) seeing an all round increase of 47 percent thanks to a staggering $10.96 billion. Majority of this can be attributed to the Surface Pro 3’s (the “revolutionary tablet that can replace your laptop”) launch, which brought the Surface brand’s overall revenue up to a sizable $908 million.

Ultimately, Microsoft has managed to make $23.2 billion in revenue for the first quarter fiscal 2015. This is great news in contrast to recent announcements, such as the Xbox One’s rocky launch in Japan.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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