Leaked emails reveal attempted Smash Bros. movie deal

Leaked emails from Sony Pictures reveal plans to acquire Super Smash Bros. rights

Sony pictures appear interested – or at least were interested – in acquiring the motion picture rights to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

This was revealed on Wikileaks earlier this week, when emails addressed to former Sony Pictures co-chair, Amy Pascal, found their way into the public doman. The emails seem to indicate the studio’s interest in acquiring the rights to the popular Nintendo franchise. A previous leak had already mentioned a Mario Bros. deal, and a Zelda tv show was also rumored at one point, until Nintendo boss Iwata shot the rumors down.

One of the emails, bating back to February 2014, described a “full court press” in relation to the series. The email also detailed a meeting with producer Avi Arad who planned to “meet with his Nintendo guy when he goes to Japan.”

Another email, that was sent to Arad by Pascal, referred to a November story about the imminent launch of the amiibo toy line, which Pascal described as an “interesting bit on Smash Brothers”. Other emails made mention of a “five year chase” to secure the film rights for several iconic Nintendo characters such as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong.

Ars Technica – after going through the emails with a fine-toothed comb – reported that they found no evidence that Sony Pictures had been successful in their attempts to obtain the rights to Super Smash Bros. However, they did manage to uncover some chatter about attempts to move forward with a Sonic The Hedgehog movie. This deal was complicated by SEGA’s reluctance to work with Columbia Pictures though, as they feared it could fall into the hands of a “competitor of theirs”.

How would you feel about either of these games being turned into motion pictures? Personally, I’d be incredibly sceptical that anything good could possibly come out of it. See the trailer for the Super Mario Brothers movie below for a reason why we should fearful of any future endeavors.

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