Gorgeous Indie Platformer Aaru’s Awakening Out Tomorrow on PS3 & PS4

Gorgeous Indie Platformer Aaru's Awakening Out Tomorrow on PS3 & PS4

Icelandic indie dev Lumenox Games has announced that its debut title Aaru’s Awakening launches tomorrow on PS3 & PS4.

In the announcement, Lumenox revealed a bit more about their experience developing the game and some of the challenges they’ve faced during the game’s creation, such as trying to find the ideal control scheme – something which led to mixed reviews from critics upon the game’s launch on PC.

The developer also addressed criticisms about the game’s high level of difficulty, saying that they have since taken on testers and individually reviewed every puzzle in Aaru’s Awakening to try and create a more balanced learning curve. “While we always wanted to make a difficult game, it’s important to make sure that the game isn’t to blame when a player fails to progress, and to make them feel satisfied when they do,” Lumenox explains in the post. “For this reason we had to carefully review each of the game’s puzzles with the help of game testers that had no experience with them. A lot of puzzles got minor tweaks, while the boss levels perhaps took the biggest transformation. We now feel that the game is a lot more fluid and easier to pick up – making it easy to learn, but difficult to master.”

Lumenox has confirmed that Aaru’s Awakening will be free to members of Sony’s PS Plus service for a limited period after release, so if you subscribe to that service there’s no reason not to give the game a try.

Aaru’s Awakening originally launched on PC in February, but tomorrow’s launch on PlayStation marks its console debut. The game is a 2D platform-puzzle game featuring hand-drawn art and a high level of difficulty. Reception to the game’s release on PC was mixed; but with the changes made to both controls and the level of challenge, Lumenox is clearly determined to ensure that Aaru’s Awakening lives up to its own expectations and provides an enjoyable experience for players.

“While getting off to a rocky start – some loving the game and others having trouble with certain aspects – we now feel that it has become something most people can really enjoy,” Lumenox said. “It makes us extremely happy to be releasing the game free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS3 and PS4, so we can reach a larger audience and get as much feedback as possible.”

“Now we can use this valuable experience to keep working further on Aaru – the adventure is just about to begin.”

You can check out a gameplay trailer for Aaru’s Awakening below.

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