Path of Exile: Awakening Expansion Dated

Path of Exile: Awakening Expansion Dated

Grinding Gear Games has announced that Path of Exile: Awakening will officially launch this month on July 10th.

Awakening is said to be the biggest expansion yet for the free-to-play ARPG/MMO, adding a massive fourth Act to the game. According to the official blurb, Awakening contains “new areas, monsters, six boss fights, five previously unannounced skills, 13 end-game maps, two challenge leagues and a climactic multi-stage encounter with Path of Exile‘s new end boss”.

Which, admittedly, does sound like quite a lot, especially considering it’s free.

A load of new items will also be added to the game. Grinding Gear says that 110 Unique items have been created for Awakening, and a new set of legendary equipment: the Maraketh Weapons. The user interface has received an overhaul apparently, with more customization options and tweaks requested by the community.

Not content with all of that, Grinding Gear has also gone back and rebalanced the entire game, which must have taken a while.

Path of Exile launched back in 2013 after an extended period in open beta. It’s free to play, and the only microtransactions are for cosmetic items which don’t affect gameplay. Like Diablo, only much darker in tone, Path of Exile is notable for its complicated trading and crafting system, and its insanely massive skill tree. I’m not kidding, it really is huge. Take a look for yourself.

Awakening is set for a simultaenous launch in three additional countries, Russia, Taiwan and Singapore, and further localization is said to take place sometime later this year in certain European countries and South America.

Check out the launch trailer for Awakening below, and to download the game and play for free, head over to the official website.

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