Exclusive: Lego Dimensions rumors are true, source confirms

Lego Dimensions rumors are true, source confirms

Last week, rumors surfaced that developer Traveller’s Tales has a new Lego game in the works called Lego Dimensions.

The game, according to reports, is due to use plastic figures to interact with and add content to the game, in a manner similar to popular Ubisoft game Skylanders, or Nintendo’s phenomenally successful Amiibo figures. Publisher Warner Bros. has remained tight-lipped about the rumors, but today a source inside the company confirmed the rumors to Continue Play.

Warner Bros Interactive isn’t happy that news of the game’s existence has leaked out ahead of their planned official announcement, however – our source told us that the publisher is “investigating vigorously who the last leaks came from”, and that anyone caught divulging information about Lego Dimensions “risks being sued”. Which seems a bit much – but never under-estimate just how jealously publishers guard their secrets.

Lego Dimensions will supposedly launch sometime towards the end of the year. Until then, TT Games has the upcoming release of Lego Jurassic World to look forward to, as well as another movie tie-in with Lego Avengers, which will be based on the Marvel Cinematic universe and this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron movie (which looks bloody brilliant, by the way – slightly-biased Marvel fan speaking here).

Our source couldn’t confirm which specific platforms the game is due to be released on, though given recent Lego releases it seems to be a safe bet that all platforms are being targeted, in order to ensure as wide an audience as possible.

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